Life On Purpose gives professional women a step-by-step process in breaking from “normal” to living a life of passion and purpose.

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You will learn to reflect on what has been holding you back, release it, and give yourself permission to change. 

You will shed old mindsets and replace them with new ones. By the end of our work together, you will have taken concrete action steps in your God-given reason for being on this earth.

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What can you expect from working together?

Identify Limiting Beliefs: Acknowledge and release beliefs that keep you from moving forward and have accountability within our group process.

Give Yourself Permission: Once you've visualized and affirmed yourself and your God-given talents, you will learn to give yourself permission to change. This is a critical step.

Replace Old Mindsets with New Ones: Really dig deep and unpack the scripts you tell yourself about your life and affirm where you really want to be.

Take Action: Lastly, after you've arrived at a new place, you will plan out and take concrete steps in your passion and purpose on earth.

This is your personal invitation to attend a personal life breakthrough experience in a small group format with accountability. You'll get my best coaching, consulting, and mentoring tailor-made for in a personal and intimate setting.

What You'll Get:

Exclusive 6-week Living on Purpose Program, complete with group coaching

Weekly tailored content to break barriers and overcome limiting beliefs Fully designed content to provoke clarity of thought and reflection

Exercises in reflection, visualization, and meditation set to music
Resources to give perspectives on vision and the importance of living your life on purpose

Detailed guides and worksheets to facilitate putting your dreams and goals in action

Achieving clarity through facilitated discussion and personal coaching in an intimate group setting

An accountability system that keeps you focused, on track and that provokes massive action

Moving from a life lived on autopilot to one lived on purpose!

Working together will give you the assurance of having a small, intimate community of people who want the same thing you do:

To move from the status quo and to start truly living a life they love to wake up to every day! You will get feedback, support, and a safe space to give yourself permission to change.

I look forward to coaching you to accomplish what you really want in life.

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As we begin our work together, it’s important that you are familiar with the following procedures. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Meet Candice.

The founder of Life On Purpose, Candice is dedicated to the wellness of each and every person she encounters. Candice opened this course to help others after undergoing her own transition from physician to music producer. She experienced radical change first hand and wants to share that with others. When Candice isn't using her time to help others achieve clarity and purpose, she's crafting music to heal, promote relaxation, and uplift people. Her work as an ambassador of joy through music is her life's mission and charge.

Schedule a free coaching session to see Candice's novel approach to coaching that incorporates her passion for music.

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"Dr. Williams is my health coach and is passionate about seeing me succeed. She is always professional while being an amazingly encouraging inspiration by leading by example. I’m lucky to have her lead me on my journey to optimal health. I highly recommend her as a physician myself to help you achieve your health goals!"

- Corinna Muller, DO, FACOOG

Physician Development Coach at LadyDOx

"As an IMG, I appreciate the expert advice and guidance I received from Dr. Williams. She was extremely savvy about highlighting my uniqueness to showcase my strengths for my road to Residency. Her willingness to reach out to her network of Physicians on my behalf meant so much to me. She genuinely cares and I highly recommend her expertise."

- Kenya Bingham Psalms,